The People Behind F2N

Message From the President


“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” - by Robert Schuller

Life is a journey full of challenges and seemingly huge mountains that appear impossible to climb. But we are not to climb instead dissolve the mountain if only we have faith as big as a mustard seed.

In this industry where we chose to be, we need to get beyond the ordinary and compete not with others but our very own self. Setting our goals and maintaining an unwavering and determined spirit are the essentials in winning the race.

Trusting God in all our endeavors is the first and most important step. The next is to believe in the limitless possibilities given to us. It is amazing how he draws people and opportunities to us so that we may get to where we should be, not forgetting that we ought to succeed by helping others succeed.

Take on the challenge! Unleash our full potential! Together let us make great things happen!

Ms. Benilda U. Vinuya


In a spirit of excellence, integrity, and dedication, the Finance department is committed to providing timely and accurate financial information to stockholders while protecting the company’s asset, both real and intangible and ensuring company’s compliance with local tax laws. The Finance department efficiently manages Accounting and Financial Reporting, Tax, Payroll, Benefits Administration, Treasury and Procurement.

Finance Department aims to maximize profit and minimize expense, thereby ensuring financial health and stability for the benefit of all employees and network members.

As our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), F2N looks forward to sharing its income to individuals and organizations that like us, also desire to uplift lives and support our country’s growth and development.

Mary Joy Sagun


The Marketing Department shall help achieve and surpass F2N Marketing's Sales Targets by building brand and product awareness.

We are prepared to launch, safe, effective and affordable health products consistent with F2N’s Vision, Mission and Goals.

Our independent business partners shall be encouraged to actively and enthusiastically support all marketing programs and activities as F2N provides them with strong incentives and up to date marketing tools and equipment.

We seriously take on the task of supporting the dreams of all our stakeholders by providing the stepping stones to success.

Ana Lisa A. Jambalos


The Operations Team shall take on the responsibility of strategic planning, sourcing, negotiating, system design and implementation, process improvement and cost maximization in its desire to actively contribute to F2N’s sustainable success.

It is our goal to adapt Total Quality Management principles and systems to ensure that every operations staff can say “I am in-charge” when the situation calls for it. While the field personnel face their daily battles, the operations team shall ensure: proper management of assets; stocks availability; efficient order and delivery system; network communications; availability of replaced tools and equipment at the right time and place, thereby making the achievement of goals possible.

Mildred Villagracia


F2N believes in the power of training. It is our commitment to train and develop all our employees towards providing our clients with the best services possible.

While we value our distributors as indispensable partners in building a culture of responsible leadership, we shall implement cohesive, well structured, up to date and innovative training programs that promote critical thinking, independence and effective communication consistent with the direction and values of the company.

We shall teach by examples and walk the talk towards becoming the industry leader in the field of corporate and network training and development.

F2N will be a company of self – reliant, concerned, active, honest and happy leaders who are willing to share their knowledge and skills to help others succeed.

Efren A. Cunanan


Planning, leading, organizing and controlling are the primary tasks of F2N’s Sales Department. Experience tells however that there are both obvious and unobtrusive that ensure the achievement of set sales and recruitment objectives.

1. Show income potential 1. Lead members towards determining their “bigger why”
2. Provide Products to sell 2. Empower members with product knowledge that will help them sell the benefit
3. Build a network of leaders 3. Establish a family of achievers
4. Implement meeting and activities 4. Encourage members to attend regular fellowships

Finally, F2N commits itself to the task of helping people build and live their dreams.

Your Opportunity is our Priority...

Paul Jonas Tocjayao